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Chivaz Tall Sports Socks
Chivaz Tall Sports Socks

by David Johnson October 30, 2016

Chivaz Tall Sports Socks for Surefooted Activity

Chivaz tall sports socks are inspired by a goat who climbed a tree every day to look out over her domain in Hadley Estate outside of Guerneville, California. There she stood each day on a surfboard that had been nailed between the branches. Her balance and bouldering skills were admirable, but it was her stubborn demeanor and grit that inspired the brand Chivaz. 

Chivas tall sports socks are supremely well-made, comfortable, durable and great looking. Whether skiing, hiking, or simply running around town, Chivaz tall socks give you the style and sure-footedness for any activity. Proudly made in Bend, Oregon.

DeBooter Review by Seniors Skiing
DeBooter Review by Seniors Skiing

by David Johnson April 04, 2016

DeBooter: DeLovely Way For Easy (And Painless) Boot Removal

by Jon Weisberg — March 29, 2016

A Smart Ski Boot Jack That Really Works.

I recently had occasion to remove my boots with the DeBooter, an easy-to-use ski boot jack. It takes the pain and discomfort out of the process of taking off ski boots. You’ll still need to bend over to loosen your buckles and your booster straps (if you use them), but the struggle is over!