About Outdoor Logic Solutions

The DeBooter, Ski Boot Jack by Outdoor Logic Solutions 

A Message from Founder David Johnson

Greetings Fellow Skiers,


I grew up in Texas and first found myself on a pair of skis at age 30. I began taking trips to Red River, New Mexico and Crested Butte, Colorado to fulfill my downhill fix. Eventually, Life got in the way. With constant traveling for work, day-to-day responsibilities, and a home base in Texas, 30 years went by and I hadn’t stepped into a single ski boot.

In 2014 my wife and I decided it was time to retire, and what better place to do so than in Bend, Oregon. Bend is an active community and a hub for outdoor adventures. So, after a lengthy hiatus, I hit the slopes once again. I spent an entire day at Mt Bachelor, exploring the terrain, getting my groove back.


As the lifts came to a slow halt, I made my way into the lodge to unwind. In the process of removing some layers, I was faced with the greatest struggle of the day - taking off my ski boots! I realized I could no longer comfortably or gracefully contort my body to remove my boots.


From that experience, I imagined the jacks on my cowboy boots and investigated the physics behind the motion. In just a few weeks, my retirement had come to an end.


I chatted with fellow Bendites and found that this was a more common struggle than I'd thought. I decided to put my idea to flight and began to build the first DeBooter out of wood in my garage. Then came a plastic model made here in Bend, then a sleeker design created by a CAD specialist  Brian Keast, owner of I Draw Dreams for Inventors in Sisters, OR. 


At my age, life has become a divide between what my body can and can’t do. But it doesn’t have to be that way with skiing anymore. Every minute of your day on the slopes can be enjoyable, from the time you slip your foot into your boot, till the time you slip it out. The DeBooter was created out of necessity and is already being enjoyed worldwide.


I hope you enjoy.